Cissy Brady-Rogers, LMFT Therapy Services

My own journey, coupled with 28 years of clinical experience has taught me that our symptoms, coping behaviors, and relational challenges all reflect something of our struggle to love and be loved. Created by love, for love, to love, when our basic need for love wasn’t adequately nourished in early childhood, disordered states and destructive patterns show up to to help us survive amidst the challenges of life.

I provide a supportive, compassionate relationship to help you deepen your self-awareness, and strengthen your ability to love yourself, build loving relationships and create a life you love and enjoy. I use a combination of talk therapy, mindfulness and body-based skills (breath practices, relaxation and stress reduction techniques, guided imagery and yoga) to address symptoms of depression, anxiety, alcohol and substance abuse, co-dependency, disordered eating and exercise, and sexual identity issues.

In addition to specializing in helping women recover from #MeToo trauma related to objectification, sexualization and violence, I have a special affinity for post-evangelical Christians and spiritual seekers who believe in a Love far greater than any one religious or spiritual tradition and want that included in therapy.

My office is located in South Pasadena at the Fremont Centre Theatre Building.

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