Is this You?

  • Do you make yourself sick because you feel uncomfortably full?
  • Do you worry you have lost control over how much you eat?
  • Have you recently lost more than 15 pounds in a three-month period?
  • Do you believe yourself to be fat when others say you are too thin?
  • Would you say that food dominates your life?

Anyone answering “yes” to two or more of these questions is likely to have an eating disorder.  An eating disorder professional can help you determine the seriousness of your situation and make recommendations.

If you live in the Greater Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley area of Southern California, Davidia Benavidez is a marital and family therapist intern training under my supervision in clinical work with eating disorders.

Please contact her for further information.

For professional references in other locations and more information about eating disorders please refer to:,,,

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing you find here should be construed as medical advice. Please address any questions you have regarding your eating patterns with a medical or mental health professional trained in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders.