Do you identify?

When women hear that I work with eating disorders, they often say, “I don’t have an eating disorder, but….” and then rattle off a list of problems like these.

  • I constantly compare my size and shape to those of the women around me.
  • I feel guilt and shame when I eat unhealthy foods or don’t work out.
  • I know I eat for comfort, but I don’t have any grasp on how to change.
  • I view the bodies of women in magazines as normal and my own body as abnormal and inadequate.
  • I feel that unless I am thin, I can’t be attractive.
  • I avoid intimacy with my husband when I feel fat or unattractive.
  • I exercise regularly but feel guilty when I miss a planned workout.
  • I wonder why I have extra, unwanted weight even though I eat a fairly healthy diet and exercise regularly.
  • I feel slowed down by the extra weight I’m carrying and even a little embarrassed.

Do you identify?  If so, I’d love to share my discoveries with you.

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