One of the young clinicians I mentor told me she wants to study with me because “You have something to say and I want to have something to say too.”

Writing teacher Brenda Ueland learned through years of experience that “everyone is talented, original and has something important to say” (If You Want to Write).

I do have something to say.  My students and mentees have important things to say.  And you have something important to say.

Sometimes what we say is profound.  Sometimes it’s ordinary.

I prefer to be profound. But my experience tells me that the ordinary is just as helpful and necessary as the profound.

This is a space where I share insights gained on the journey to loving and enjoying my body, just as I am.  Some of it is profound—like how God used a mastectomy at age thirty to heal years of shame and disconnection from my body.  Some of it is ordinary—like how drinking caffeine after 3 p.m. can disrupt my sleep.

I want to hear the important things you have to say about loving and enjoying your body.  I hope you will be bold, access your profound or ordinary voice, and share what you have to say too.

And, if you have something to say about that, I’d love to hear it.