I’ve been suffering from self-care and sleep deprivation since Miss Liberty Belle came into our life three weeks ago. Her arrival on a Saturday allowed my husband Dave and I to “tag team” caring for her so we were still able to get most of our own basic needs met. But that first Monday I was on my own, I didn’t brush my teeth until 3 p.m.

Miss Liberty Belle - 8 weeks old

There’s nothing exceptional about Liberty’s needs. But she’s a puppy. Waking several times during the night to take her out for potty breaks is normal. While the demands of a puppy are minimal compared to raising a child, it gives me renewed empathy for the sleep deprivation parents of young children endure for years, not just a few months.

I’m posting this video so I remember to take my own advice to get my 7-8 hours a night. How about you? How’s your sleep this week? A lack of it may be impacting your health more than you realize.