My guest blogger today is my beloved husband Dave Rogers. We lost our 9 year old Doberman Skye to a sudden onset neurological disorder yesterday. Skye was my friend, “baby” and a wise little teacher about listening to my body, being in the moment and loyalty, among other things. This is Dave’s tribute to our Little Skye Girl.

Clear Blue Skye in her Prime sitting on Dave's lap

RIP Skye, 2005 – 2014

I was the first to see Skye (at two weeks on the puppy monitor) and to meet her (at eight weeks). But it was clear from the moment they met that Skye was Cissy’s girl. The bond between them was instantaneous and permanent.

To Skye, I was merely Mr. Fun who would chase her around the yard — and The Slave, who got up in the middle of most nights so she could go out and pee (even though she really didn’t need to).

But Cissy was the center of Skye’s life. They relished every moment they spent together, whether on solo walks at Occidental College or long love sessions on the rug in Cissy’s study. All you had to see was the look in Skye’s eyes to know that Cissy was her treasure.

In many, many ways, Skye was the perfect dog. She required virtually no obedience training. She was the perfect walker and smart as a whip. She was mellow when mellow was appropriate, crazy when it was time for craziness. She loved meeting people and her gentle face and manner reassured even shy little folks. The only imperfect thing she did was leave us too early.

Rest in peace, Skye.

Legend comforting ailing Skye