I woke at 4 a.m. one morning last week on vacation with these thoughts about God’s will on my mind. One of the gifts of this vacation was a lovely balance between being and doing. The open spaces of just being–lounging in front of a roaring fire, standing in a boat on the Flathead River waiting for a fish to strike, drinking in the beauty of Glacier National Park from the Going to the Sun Road while someone else drove–each moment creating open spaces to taste and see the goodness of God. So grateful for the re-creation and renewal that comes from just being!

Mt. Glacier National Park, MT

Being and character are primary. God’s will is that I love, that I be a loving presence in the world. Who I am and how I do whatever I do is primary. When I stay aligned with God’s love, then the doing, along with what, where, and who I do it with, will follow.

I spent many years believing that God’s will was about what and where and who, about doing and circumstances — like there was/is only one right path to follow and if I missed it, or choose another path, I was screwed. Consciously I know that is not true, yet those old neural pathways can still pull me away from focusing on being a loving presence and into mental quagmires of “Is this God’s will for my life???”

One of the blessings of vacation is the freedom each day brings. No obligations or commitments, just time to love my husband, love the blustery weather of this Montana morning, and see what unfolds. A day to practice being present to each moment and let going of any attempt to find the one right or best way to spend the day.