Here’s an idea that just might work: A group of social scientists are experimenting with using “nudge marketing” to increase consumer awareness of nutrient dense foods options and decrease purchasing of processed foods that contribute to onset of chronic diseases.

Mindful eating begins in the grocery store. If we don’t pay attention to what we are putting in our carts, we are more likely to fall for the marketing tactics of the processed food giants. And it includes educating our kids about how marketing works so they can become mindful consumers. The most common ploys include:

THE ENDS OF AISLES are huge revenue generators, especially for sweet and salty foods.

IMPULSE PURCHASES (60 percent of purchases are unplanned) – especially of items placed next to checkouts.

For me, mindful grocery shopping includes:

1.) knowing what’s in my refrigerator and cupboards (like the jar of olives that wasn’t there last night for the Greek salad).

2.) stocking up on things we eat daily (so I don’t wake up and find we’ve run out of the almond butter I love on my toast).

3.) keeping a grocery list on my smartphone – adding things when they run out (and looking at it when I’m at the store…).

4.) always having fresh veggies in the drawer (even if they go might go bad – not wasting food can be a good motivator for some of us).

5.) always having a few bags of frozen veggies and fruits in the freezer (It’s better than nothing).

6.) planning meals and including those items on my list (still getting back to this after a long hiatus post-shoulder surgery).

What does mindful grocery shopping look like for you?