mindful awareness is good for your health

A growing body of research indicates that mindfulness supports health in many spheres of life. Regular practice of being “here now”–aware of thoughts, feelings, and sensations–increases our capacity for focused attention and stress management, along with improving mental & emotional well being, relationships, and job performance.

Mindful awareness is a key component of many spiritual practices, including yoga. Often my theme for a class revolves around being here now, paying attention to your experience, and letting go of self-judgment. One week after class a student excitedly told me about a mindfulness training she’d had at work that day and handed me this desk plate: Be Here Now. “I’ve got two of them. I think one must be for you!”

Now it sits on my desk or my prayer altar (as in photo) to remind me to practice what I teach. And, it’s a much needed and welcomed reminder–especially when I’m working and falling into old patterns of trying to multitask even though I know it’s ineffective and stressful.

Noticing and being with our experience in any given moment increases our ability to make conscious choices and take conscious action.

What arena of your work or home life, relationships or self-care might benefit from increased mindful awareness?