Eating in loving alignment with my body includes being free from the rules and regulations of supposed “authorities” and “experts” who want to tell me how to eat and how to live.  And, it’s also about not rigidly clinging to my own “rules”. Love does not demand its’ own way.

Last month I ate pork and bread sandwiches at my neighbor’s fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration.  I was hungry, so I ate what was served.

At a party with people eating pork, I am free to eat pork.  If no veggies are available, I am free to go with the flow. And, as soon as possible, balance out those choices with foods more aligned with what I know provides optimal nutrition and energy for my body.

To whatever degree I can, I want to be free to sacrifice my preferred way of eating in order to be “at one” with my neighbors.

Perhaps eating pork and gluten is a way I love my neighbor? It’s not what I choose to eat when given other options.  Not because it’s inherently “bad” but because it doesn’t make me feel my best.

chard in our yard - the bugs like it too

I don’t digest meat and breads as well as I process veggies, legumes and whole grains.  My body notices the difference.  Rich foods feel thick and heavy both in my mouth and digestive tract.  In limited amounts, I do okay.  But I don’t want to feel weighed down like that on a regular basis.  I eat certain foods in limited amounts because I can feel the difference.  My body says “Too much” and I try to listen.

Sometimes our bodies speak very loudly. Gluten makes people with celiac disease very sick with painful and disruptive intestinal problems.

Sometimes our bodies speak more quietly.  For me, a subtle case of  rosacea lead to my discoveries about gluten’s ill effects on my body.

Loving alignment with your body means listening to both the obvious and not so obvious indicators about how food is effecting your overall health. It’s about listening to your body, your life–and eating in a way the optimizes your energy in whatever situation you are in, as best as you can.

Does eating pork make you feel energized, engaged, clear headed, open hearted?

Does your body hum and your soul sing when you eat bread?

What foods feel best the whole way through your digestive experience?

Like any other relationship, we need to make time and space to listen to our bodies in order to have a positive working relationship.

So, the next time you eat, try listening to your body.  You might be surprised at what you discover.