Moira Deidre Ford & Moira-Cecily Brady 1983

Today is the 94th anniversary of my mother’s birth. Moira Deirdre Ford was a remarkable woman. An attorney, she did her undergraduate degree at Stanford and was one of three woman graduating with her class from UC Berkley’s school of law in the late 1940’s.

I grew up in an unusual world with a female pediatrician, spending time with my great aunt Eileen who graduated medical school in the 1920’s, and being delivered as a baby by my mom’s female obstetrician Sakaye Shigekawa (another very remarkable woman who was interned during WWII).

It wasn’t until elementary school that I realized most women weren’t professionals. In my world women were educated, vocal, and powerful agents of healing and justice.

In honor of my mom, I commit myself to creating a world where women and girls are the authorities of their own bodies and lives, where a woman’s perspective and voice is as important in governing as a man’s, and where girls and women are treated with respect and honor. I love you Mother Moira.