My mentor Joan says that love is what remains when all the stress is removed.

For me, love is a calm, relaxed, easeful sense of being at home with myself wherever I am, whatever my circumstances, alongside whomever I’m with.

It’s a felt sense of fullness, complete in myself without a need to “do” anything or “have” anything, coupled with an openness to being a conduit of love, giving fully of myself with whatever I have and whatever I do.

My face softens, my shoulders relax, my heart, stomach and inner body open up, let go of tension.

Julian of Norwich described¬† this when she wrote of her sense of God’s love amidst the necessary sufferings of life.¬† She said that love is the deep sense that “..all shall be well and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”

And so it is, when you know that you are loved.

Knowing you are loved is the foundation for a new way of being in your body and your life.

May you know how deeply, fully and immeasurable loved and lovable you already are, just as you are right now.