My morning email included the following subject lines: “the three tricks to organize yourself” and “six secrets of great sex”–both from service providers I respect.   I laughed out loud.  How ridiculous is that?  They know better, don’t they??

Secrets and tricks are not sustainable solutions to real life problems! They may sell products, but real change comes from consistent integration of new thought patterns and habits. It isn’t magic.  It’s discipline.

Real change is part of a bigger process of transformation or metamorphosis. It’s the journey of the caterpillar to butterfly.  The journey from squirming around in the dirt to soaring above it entails breaking down into a soupy mass that has no resemblance to either the before or after version.  When all the old self is broken down a few key cells spark the process of transformation out of which the butterfly emerges.

God’s love is the cellular fire that fuels transformation in every arena.  My spiritual connection to God’s love through Christ is the “secret” to my physical, mental, emotional health.

Love is patient.  Love doesn’t give up after a few failures.  Love doesn’t give up after ten thousand failures.  Love forgives.  Love is disciplined.

Discipline entails commitment. I commit myself to something that I really want. Then I stick with it–especially when it involves delaying gratification, facing my demons, and learning from my tens of thousands of failures.

A disciplined life of growing in God’s love is the only path I know that leads to sustainable change. Love isn’t quick. It isn’t easy. It can’t be bought or sold.

Love doesn’t sell a lot of products or services.  But in the long run, it’s really what we all want even more than being organized or having better sex!