As a psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders and a woman with years of experience discovering the wisdom and power of my own body, I know that loving and enjoying your body is challenging.  I also know that it is possible!

Join me and the community of women I’m gathering to journey home to the goodness and beauty of our bodies, just as we are.

What is a new way of being?

You already have it – Every time you listen to a hurting friend, help a child learn a skill, or care for a sick animal, you connect to the love that all living beings need in order to blossom.

The way of love

If you are like most women, you already know how to love others. Now it’s time to put those same practices to work on behalf of your body.

As you deepen your connection to God’s love, you will reclaim what you’ve always known—how to love others as you love yourself.

Self Care Begins With Listening
to Your Body

What does it look like?

  • You cooperate with your body instead of trying to control it.
  • You pay attention to your body’s signals rather than ignoring them.
  • You approach your body with openness and curiosity rather than disregard and criticism.
  • You make choices by discovering and listening to your own wisdom, not by following someone else’s plan for your life.
  • You create structures that help you care for your body—and let go of commitments made before knowing your real needs.